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Welcome to Sylvia Medina Jewelry! We are so excited to share a bit about ourselves with you! My name is Sylvia and I have been making jewelry for 7 years now. As a child I have always liked the outdoors and especially special stones I found! And now I take stones and make jewelry out of them. It is something I enjoy and it is very calming to be able to make items people can love and wear. I have to say I love the beauty of what each piece of jewelry represents. I also make rosaries which are also so very meaningful.

I have also begun working as a silversmith – I am still fairly new at this – so often many of pieces look very unique!. Silversmith work is more time intensive and always something new to learn as with metal.

A bit about myself - I love God, my family, animals, the outdoors - I am a Colon Cancer Survivor, Biologist/Environmental Engineer, Author, Entrepreneur, Artisan, and I love people (especially children) and this amazing world we are in - so I seek to preserve it through writing children's books to help make a difference (

As you can see all our pieces are one of a kind and made with LOVE! We hope that you will find something on our page that you will enjoy! Thank you again for visiting us and we hope to hear from you! With Smiles and a Hug - Sylvia

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