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Stone Selection & Sourcing

The first step of the design process is to individually go through each stone to pick only those that offer the very best quality.

Sylvia works directly with some of the stone manufacturers (especially Turquoise) for naturally sourced materials. Others she selects through references from reputable jewelers and stone houses. She attends the Tucson Gem Show and also works with providers that are recommended by Gemologists and jewelers who are familiar with them. Although Sylvia is not a Gemologist she has an extensive background in Geology through courses she took while attending New Mexico Tech, she works to select high-quality pieces for her jewelry lines.

Quality is based on the pureness of the stone, the color and highlights of the gem, and she loves to select stones that reflect nature.


Next comes the decision about what type of jewelry each stone is best suited for based on size and shape. This step is where the creativity comes in. Sometimes this results in a necklace, cuff, ring, pendant or earrings. This is one of the most enjoyable part of the process!

Bezel Setting & Silversmith Work

The building, cutting, and shaping of silver and other metals brings Sylvia’s designs to life. Her work is organic and very natural. She loves to work with turquoise in her silversmith creations and through some of the classes she has taken – realizes that sometimes what was thought as a mistake can come out quite unique and beautiful.

Support Handcrafted Goods

A special thanks goes out to all who appreciate and support the artists and makers of the world, and who contribute to small businesses and local entrepreneurs. We must work together to highlight the importance of handmade and handcrafted goods in our overwhelming world of synthetic product and mass production. Let’s keep the hand in handmade.

Path to Sustainability

As a brand who embraces the elements of our world and all that our environment has to offer, Sylvia strives to be eco-friendly and sustainable in her collections. Part of her collection includes work from a retired artisan who often used recycled material as possible – such as vintage materials we both collected. She uses eco-friendly packaging. Everything one does to make a difference will help to save our planet. We also donate 10% of our proceeds to environmental groups and/or people who need help – especially during this time (COVID).

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